Introducing the Cerillo


...the world's smallest multiwell plate reader

Cerillo is proud to announce the launch of the Aurora, the first new technology in the plate reader market in decades. The Aurora's unprecedented small size allows it to work in small labs, on shared or modular benchtops, and even in restrictive environments like anaerobic chambers. Its uniquely simple, standalone interface and on-board data storage allow it to be placed anywhere, with or without a computer. We're even developing built-in remote access to allow you to go anywhere.

Overall, the Aurora exploits the best of modern technology to reduce labor and allow you to spend your efforts where they matter most. Cerillo has been uncompromising in the Aurora's design and performance; all that's left is for you to try it yourself.

Smaller than a breadbox

The Aurora goes where you want it, not where you can spare the space. That includes glove boxes, incubators, and shared bench space.

Reclaim your time

Cerillo is working to establish timecourse automation as the new normal, and the Aurora is its flagship. That means convenience like never before.

Seamless integration

Existing workflows are Cerillo's first consideration. Therefore, the Aurora uses no special consumables or culture equipment, and its software works anywhere.

Technical Specifications


Width: 144 mm (5.7 in.)

Depth: 130 mm (5.1 in.)

Height: 68 mm (2.7 in.)


483 g (17 oz.)

Window Material

Scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate

Ambient Atmospheric Tolerance

Temperature: 0° – 50° C (32° – 122° F)

Humidity: 0% – 99%

O2 concentration: any

CO2 concentration: any

Permitted Decontamination Techniques

Chemical treatment of all surfaces (recommended)

EtO Gas sterilization

Temporal Resolution

Up to 30 samples/hour (user-defined)

OD Resolution

±0.005 at OD589

OD Wavelength

589 nm

Contact us if you require a custom wavelength!

Plate Formats Supported





On-board Data Storage

microSD-compatible memory slot, up to 64 GB (>500M samples)

Power Supply

5V, 500 mA USB supply

Wireless Connectivity

Coming soon! Order now to get early access!

You can now order the Early Adopter Package.

This limited-time offer includes the following:

  • One first edition all-black Aurora
  • USB cable and power adapter
  • microSD card for automatic data backup
  • 12 months of free, unlimited support
  • 12 months of free firmware upgrades
  • Early access to wireless connectivity features (not available in all areas)
  • Access to other in-development features on request, as part of our exclusive beta program

Contact to get in touch!